LinkedIn: A Breathing Rolodex. Buddy Waddington Networking Education Breakfast Speaker.

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More than a business-orientated social networking site, “LinkedIn is a breathing Rolodex,” Buddy Waddington.

Buddy Waddington

Buddy Waddington


About Buddy Waddington

Newcastle native Buddy Waddington, partner at SUM, Co-founder of Madison, Inc. was the featured speaker at the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce July Educational Breakfast. A Hazen High 2006 graduate, Waddington graduated from University of Washington’s Business School with a degree in marketing.  He is a co-founder of StartUp Marketing (SUM), “an add-on marketing department for your business that understands startups.” SUM’s services include brand development, marketing strategy, social media, graphic design, and various marketing projects.

From the SUM website: “Buddy is a marketing guy by trade, but a numbers guy at heart. He believes that the whiteboard and the spreadsheet can be a company’s most powerful tools and his detailed approach to research and marketing brings a lot of strength to our clients’ marketing strategies.”

LinkedIn for Business

Before launching into his presentation, Waddington spoke about what every good marketing person should know. No one thing is magical when it comes to business, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool – but not a replacement for one-to-one communication. Waddington mentioned that he prefers calling someone on the phone rather than texting and having a face-to-face conversation over Skype (calls over the internet).

Waddington: LinkedIn: A breathing Rolodex.

Three things to know about LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn is the new first impression

Waddington explained that LinkedIn is an extension of “Googling” someone. We are able to look people up online, and LinkedIn is one of the first items that will show up with Search Engine Optimization. Waddington stressed the importance of putting your “best foot forward” and making sure your LinkedIn includes the best and most up-to-date information about your work, skills and involvement.

2. LinkedIn is a point of legitimacy. 

Use it for making connections, developing business and building links. You get as much out of it as you invest in it.

3.  LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to utilize a group of profiles.

You can add a business page and attract followers to your updates, join groups with similar interests, become involved in discussion groups, be a thought leader in your industry.

On LinkedIn do what fits you best.

As in any social media platform, find a pattern that fits your style. Waddington stressed three final takeaways:

  • Make your LinkedIn connections “real” interactions. Make sure that who you connect with, and why you connect with them, is relevant to your business and personal goals.
  • Challenge yourself to have one interaction a month on LinkedIn, whether is updating a skill, education, making a new connection or sharing an article. Be active on LinkedIn.
  • Remember, LinkedIn is a tool, not a replacement for real life interactions.


Buddy Waddington Newcastle Chamber Presentation 2


linkedIn icon 50Find Buddy Waddington on LinkedIn  (Remember, to connect with anyone on LinkedIn make sure you personalize your invitation to tell that person how you met, why you would like to connect.)


Regency Newcastle

Thanks to Regency Newcastle for their generous donation of venue, food and great staff at each of our Networking Education Breakfasts. We are deeply grateful.

Phillip Woltz, Executive Chef, Regency Newcastle

Phillip Woltz, Executive Chef, Regency Newcastle

The Regency Newcastle


Regency Newcastle

 Independent and assisted living

7454 Newcastle Golf Club Road

Newcastle, WA 98059.



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