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Work 6801 132nd PL SE Washington 98059 Work Phone: (425) 235-9200Work Fax: (425) 228-7429Website: Coal Creek Utility District Website


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Authority, Management and Conduct of Business
Coal Creek Utility District is authorized by the State of Washington under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Title 57 (Water and Sewer Districts) to operate a public utility system. The District operates under a commissioner system, whereby three commissioners are elected by the citizens of the District. Resolutions and motions adopted by the District make and establish the policies that govern its operation.

The District general manager has the overall responsibility of day-to-day operations. The District also employs an office manager, an assistant office manager, as well as office and field support staff. The present staff totals thirteen permanent employees including two office staff, nine field staff, the general manager and office manager.

Engineering, legal counsel, and finances for the District are provided by outside consultants selected by the Board of Commissioners. These consultants report to the general manager. Additionally, they attend the Board of Commissioner’s meetings as required to advise the Commissioners on ongoing matters.