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Work Rockwood Office Complex 1409 140th Pl. NE, Suite 105 Bellevue Washington 98007 Work Phone: (425) 453-9292Work Phone: (800) 453-4408Work Fax: (425) 455-9740Website: Appraisal Group Of the Northwest LLP Website


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Appraisal Group of the Northwest, LLP provides real estate appraisal, analysis, and consultation services by professional real estate appraisers with a variety of backgrounds – including appraising, architecture, economics, banking, engineering, property management, governmental appraising, and real estate development. We want to provide cost-effective information that you can rely on for your important decisions.

Many factors come into play in a real estate valuation. Considerable expertise is definitely required. We will do our valuations objectively, including making appropriate market comparisons.

Our knowledgeable staff will explain the methods in understandable terms and draw the proper information and resources together. Appraisal Group of the Northwest LLP will also counsel you on how to improve your property’s value and marketability, and will help you understand how financing and terms affect the price.

The scope of the effort, as well as the time and cost for the appraisal, will depend on the purpose. We will work to tailor this to your budget.