Puget Sound Starts Here. The Big Thing Unveiled for Earth Day!

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Crowd-sourced virtual image of Puget Sound animal on display at the Bullitt Center. 

Dow Constantine Participating in The Big Thing Puget Sound

Dow Constantine Participating in The Big Thing Puget Sound

Puget Sound Starts Here Campaign “The Big Thing”

The  Puget Sound Starts Here campaign “The Big Thing” unveiled at the Bullitt Center, 1501 E. Madison St., with remarks from Larry Phillips, King County Council Chair, Denis Hayes, the National Organizer for the first Earth Day and the president of the Bullitt Foundation and Laura James, project coordinator. In addition, in honor of Earth Day, the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building in the world, will offer free public tours today from 10 to 4.

Over the past few weeks, “The Big Thing 4 Puget Sound” has been building excitement and asking people all over Puget Sound to submit photos via Instagram using #mypuget showing what they appreciate and connect to in this region.  We are also inviting people to submit selfies with a thumbs up to show their love of Puget Sound.  The goal is to collect 10,000 photo submissions by the end of today, Earth Day.


Larry Phillips, King County Council Chair

“We celebrate Earth Day today not only to show our love for the planet, but also for our local natural treasures as well” said Larry Phillips, King County Council Chair, “For me, that’s a big thumbs up”.


What is Puget Sound Starts Here. The Big Thing?

Share your photos: Be part of the Big Thing for Puget Sound

What’s your connection to Puget Sound? For Earth Day this year, King County Education & Outreach Network and our partners invite you to participate in The Big Thing, an easy and fun way to show your commitment to our planet and our region’s health.

We each have our own love and connection to Puget Sound, perhaps a special place on the shore or among the creeks, lakes, rivers or forests. Water is this beautiful region’s lifeblood, from the snowy peaks to the briny deep, and everything in between.

In this connection, our everyday actions matter in the overall health of the Puget Sound region. From picking up after our dogs to building rain gardens we show our commitment to clean water.

The Big Thing on Earth Day (April 22) is a chance to demonstrate this shared connection to water.

We’re building The Big Thing!

  • Take a photo of something you love about the Puget Sound region

(a beautiful sunset, your favorite creek or trail, your dog playing outside), an activity you are doing, or selfie of yourself with a thumbs ups or a heart (your hands making a heart).

You can send this photo from now through the end of Earth Day (April 22).

  • Use Instagram* to send your photo via hashtag:  #mypuget

On Earth Day your image will be part of The Big Thing!

  • We will combine all the contributed photos and mosaic them into a huge animal. What kind of an animal? It’s a secret, and you will have to check online on Earth Day to see it!
  • This huge animal will appear at “The Big Thing for Puget Sound Digital Puget Sound and will be projected on walls in the lobbies of buildings around King County.

We’ll send you a reminder on Earth Day so you can see The Big Thing grow!

These photos will help build “The Big Thing,” a crowd source mosaic that will emerge in the shape of an iconic Puget Sound animal. This shape will be revealed on Earth Day at the Bullitt Center and online at www.bigthing4pugetsound.com.




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